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My car keeps jerking and thrusting forward whenever im at a low speed. Once i get up to 10 mph im ok, what do you think is the problem?

by Jack
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I changed the oxygen sensor to my suv (MB ML450) and the check engine is still on after the repairs were made. Did the mechanic do something wrong... by Lisa

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What is the reason as to why an engine would Idle to high?

by Jason
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Whenever my heat is on i hear a squeaking noise coming from my vent. This sound is pretty irritating so what could i do to change it? or what is... by Pat

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Why are my break lights staying on?

by Dayna
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How do you unlock the steering wheel

by Crazylegs
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What type of brake fluid should i put in my Audi?

by Junior
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Why whenever it is raining, my windows fogs up even when I turn my heat on?

by Vickie
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Does anyone know why my car is rocking up and down as I drive? It happens when I am on the highway or on local roads and especially when I go over... by Christen

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I recently noticed that the inside of my Audi is filled with coolant. I am talking about inside the car, the floor of the drivers side. Can... by Goof

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